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Famous Gilberts in History and Today

I'll be happy to add more Gilberts to this list if the famous person's Gilbert line has been identified genetically (i.e. DNA tested).   I'm getting overwhelmed with requests to add people, so I'm going to limit additions to Gilbert Y-DNA Project represented lines.  If you'd like to add someone whose line is not represented, please feel free to have someone tested to identify the line. 

Sir Humphrey Gilbert  (1539 - 1583, Devon, England) - British explorer

William Gilbert (1544 - 1603, Colchester, England) - British scientist and physicist

William L. Gilbert (1806 - 1890,  Litchfield, CT)   - American clock maker

William S. Gilbert (1836 - 1911, London, England) - Famed playwright and lyricist (Gilbert and Sullivan) (descends from a line of Gilberts with roots in Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire Co., England circa 1500s)

Dr. Grove Karl Gilbert (1843 - 1918, Rochester, NY  )  Renowned American geologist

A.C. Gilbert (1884 - 1962, Salem, OR) - Inventor of the Erector Set (Thomas Gilbert of Braintree, MA line)

Sir Alfred Gilbert (1854 - 1934, London, England) - British sculptor (descends from a line of Gilberts with roots in Wiltshire Co., England, grandfather was Francis Gilbert b. abt. 1791)

Cass Gilbert (1859 - 1934 , Zanesville, OH ) - Pioneering American architect. Designed the Woolworth Building in NYC and the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C.  (Thomas Gilbert of Braintree, MA line...I think)

Jim Gilbert (1929 - , NM) -  New Mexico artist  (Garvis Gilbert, Harford Co., MD line)

Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847 - 1933, France) - French Artist

Arthur Hill Gilbert (1893 - 1970)  American Impressionist (Thomas Gilbert of Braintree, MA line...I think)

Elizabeth Gilbert (1969 - ) - American writer.  Author of NY Times Bestseller Eat, Pray, Love (gg granddaughter of Leonard Gilbert. b. abt. 1845 in NY, died before 1892.  Family lived in both Brooklyn, NY and Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY)  

Catherine Gilbert Murdoch ( ) - American writer.  Author of Dairy Queen  (gg granddaughter of Leonard Gilbert. b. abt. 1845 in NY, died before 1892.  Family lived in both Brooklyn, NY and Schuyler, Herkimer Co., NY)  

Alan Gilbert  (1967 - )   - Conductor of the New York Philharmonic  (great grandson of Thomas J. Gilbert of Henderson Co., TN)

William Gilbert (1865 - April 15, 1912) - Perished on the Titanic  (From Carleen, Breage, Cornwall, UK)

Brantley Gilbert (1985 - ) - American Country/Rock singer and musician (descends from Thomas W. Gilbert b. abt. 1805 of Jackson Co., GA)

Kevin Gilbert (1966 - 1996, CA ) - American singer/songwriter/musician

Paul Gilbert (1966 -  , IL)  - American guitar virtuoso

Gillian Gilbert (1961 - ) - British musician.  Former member of the band New Order.


Geographic Gilberts and who they're named after...

The Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati) -  Named after Captain Thomas Gilbert a British naval captain who explored the islands in the late 1700s. He was the Master of the First Fleet's Charlotte, a convict transport ship that made runs from England to New South Wales. 

Gilbert, AR - Named after Charles W. Gilbert, the secretary-treasurer of the Allegheny Supply Company that built the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad.  He eventually became president of the railroad.

Gilbert, AZ - Named after William "Bobby" Gilbert (b. 1868 in Missouri, d. -?)  who owned land on which a new rail siding was built in 1902.   (Garvis Gilbert, Harford Co., MD line)

Gilbert, IA - Named after Hezekiah Gilbert, early settler and railway development advocate.

Gilbert, MN - Named after a local mine which had been named after one of the fee owners, Giles Gilbert.

Gilbert, SC - Named for Jonathan Gilbert originally from Bucks Co, PA.  (Philadelphia Area Gilbert line)

Gilbert, WV - Named for Joseph Gilbert who was scalped and killed in a territory dispute with local Native Americans on July 24, 1792.

Gilbert Town, NC - Historic former town in Rutherford Co., NC named for William Gilbert. 

Gilbertsville, NY - Named for early landowner Abijah Gilbert (1747 - 1881).  Unsourced information on Wikipedia has Abijah coming from Nuneaton, England

Gilbert Craters - Craters on the moon and Mars named after American geologist Dr. Grove Karl Gilbert

Mount Gilbert, Alaska -  Also named after Dr. Grove Karl Gilbert, American geologist

Gilbert, LA -  Named after the Gilbert family who settled there which descended from Benjamin Gilbert of Maryland ("A Maryland/Virginia Gilbert line")

Gilbert Plains, Manitoba -

Gilbert Hill, Bombay, India -

Gilbert-Einasleigh River, Queensland, Australia -

Muncie, IN - Ok, the name isn't Gilbert, but the founder of this town was Goldsmith C. Gilbert who settled there in the 1820's.     (Thomas Gilbert of Braintree, MA line)


Schools Name Gilbert and who they're named for...

Samuel Gilbert Public School, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia    -   Named for Samuel Gilbert